Tax Benefits and Evasion

Legal tax evasion, can it be? At Pelecanos we leave myths aside and work on your business to - in accordance with the law - save you as much money as possible. Tax evasion methods that certain individuals and companies pursue is oftentimes borderline illegal. Not so with us, because with our deep know how, we'll bring you all the benefits without the headache of being in constant fear of losing your freedom to litigation and lawsuits.

Reducing tax for businesses in Cyprus gives a break to our clients when they most need it. In the world of law, there are backdoors to pretty much everything scenario, but you just need look hard enough. We look hard and enough and find solutions that suits your business model and delicate legal circumstances.

Our experience plays to our advantage here so make sure you tap into our knowledge base. So many firms and business have done so in the past and continue to do so from the present into the future.

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