Contract Law

Disputes or arguments in respect of commercial contracts can be potentially devastating to a business relationship, and it can also cost your business dearly if not handled appropriately. It’s important to find swift resolutions to any dispute to avoid any disruption to your operations. 

Our Contract lawyers, having breadth of expertise and experience in national and international contract related disputes, are able to quickly understand your business and to find the best solutions, while following a pragmatic and commercial approach, maintaining important relationships and protecting your business’ reputation. Our ethos is to work closely alongside our clients to identify creative solutions to their business needs and draft commercial contracts tailored to their unique requirements.

Our main aim is to resolve disputes through alternative dispute resolution, which is time and cost efficient. We can provide clear and practical advice for you and your business on your legal position in a contract dispute, what your potential remedies or options may be and all avenues open to you to resolve the dispute without proceeding to litigation in the courts. However, if a dispute cannot be resolved in this way, and it’s leaded to Court, you will be offered full support by our experienced contract disputes litigation lawyers throughout. 

SERVICES Our services include:

  • Drafting all types of national and international contracts
  • Advising on all aspects of contract law
  • Advising on legal consequences on contractual parties
  • Representation in contractual negotiations
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Advising on Breach of Contract
  • Contract Litigation