COMBINATION Employment Law

Employment Law in Cyprus is a combination of common laws and statutes that govern the relationship between an employer and employee.

The main employment-related statutes include:

  • Termination of Employment Law 1967, as amended
  • Social Insurance Law 1980, as amended
  • Annual Paid Leave Law 1967, as amended
  • Protection of Maternity Law 1997
  • Minimum Salaries Law, as amended
  • Equal Treatment at Work and Employment Law 2004, as amended
  • Health and Safety at Work Law 1996, as amended
  • Law Providing for an Employer’s Obligation to Inform Employees of the Conditions Applicable to their Contract or Employment Relationship 2000
  • Collective Redundancies Law 2001.

Furthermore, EU regulations and directives regarding employment and labour issues are also applicable in Cyprus following the country’s accession to the European Union in 2004.

The employment relationship in the private sector is generally governed by the terms of the contract of employment, which is concluded freely between employers and employees. As a result, an employment contract is a form of contract, supplemented though by employment law principles. Any term agreed is valid, provided that it does not contradict any law. To conclude an employment contract, the Employment Law in Cyprus makes clear specifications about the trial period, the notice period and the paid vacation an employee is entitled to.

Employment relationships can be difficult to navigate. It is important for employers and employees alike to have a solid understanding of all the basic matters surrounding the employment law in Cyprus, adhere closely to labour regulations and deal with them efficiently and within the scope of the law. Our goal is to provide our clients with useful information and practical advice in relation to the effective implementation of the main provisions of Cyprus Employment Law and the social insurance system.

Our firm has advised both employers and employees with the preparation of specially designed and comprehensive contracts that include the most appropriate terms and have represented clients in cases of disputes. We cover an expansive area of various employment and labour law matters, and our Civil Department is prepared to undertake litigation cases representing both employers and employees.

EXPERTISE Our areas of expertise include the following:

  • Wrongful Dismissal
  • Redundancies
  • Opinions / written notice(s) of termination
  • Negligence
  • Health and Safety measures in the workplace
  • Safeguarding employees’ rights and freedoms
  • Unfair Treatment
  • Discrimination in the work-place
  • Self-employment and Consultancy
  • Harassment in the workplace